Sync - upload only

I have PC with MYCLOUD at home, another PC at work. I want to have few folders of both PC synchronized. Both PC uses WD SYNC, WIN7. From home pc wd sync succesfuly uploaded all I need folders/files to mycloud. But work pc does not sync, folder is empty, shows “wdmycloud is up to date”. If I put some files to work pc folder, it syncs with mycloud - uploading them to cloud. But home pc does not syncs with these new files. It is looks like WD Sync only uploads files to MYCLOUD, but not downloads… Any ideas?

@Dainiux Have you already looked at the User Manual , Chapter Four?

Yes, I looked many times I still did not find an answer to my question. Is any exact chapter there to be checked more carefully?
Just to avoid misjudgment of my pc ability, I am familiar with windows since 1990…

@Dainiux I don’t use sync but here is how it works if set up properly on all devices. Do both of your computers have access through the Dashboard? This comes from Chapter Four.

Syncing Files and Folders After installing the WD Sync software, to sync a file or folder on your computer, use your computer’s file management utility to copy and paste or drag and drop it into the WD Sync folder. The WD Sync software automatically copies it first to the WD Sync folder on your My Cloud device and then to any other computers connected to it. After that, the WD Sync software automatically updates any changes to the file, at any location, on the other configured devices.

I have Windows 10 with all updates. Windows 7 is almost EOL .

Try this out and see if it helps. I just installed and setup Sync on my computers, don’t know how long I will use it.

I have configured correctly both devices, otherwise I would not be able to upload files to MYCLOUD.
But " WD Sync software automatically updates any changes to the file, at any location not works…
WIN 10 is total scrap for my needs so I’ll keep it running old good WIN7 as long as I can…

I have it working on both of my computers now and here is what I see by clicking on the icon in the Sytems Icon tray.


I don’t have work computers anymore because I am retired, but did you check out item # 8 in the link I provided in my last post?

As for my current home computers, laptop and desktop, on my network they are both busy syncing.

Settings made correct, devices connected.

Look at this topic and the image I showed of my Cloud Access devices.

Have you tried getting rid of the Relay Connection and make it direct? Do you own your work computer or does it belong to the place where you work?

Sorry I can’t understand the difference between computer ownership - what is a difference? WD SYNC should sync files between all PC where it is installed. But it does not. I changed work pc location - took at home. Same story. WD Sync uploads files to cloud, but not downloads it automatically. Sure I can copy files from cloud to pc manually, but this is not the way how program should work…

I can only speak for when I worked for the City/Fire Department. The computers assigned to me, both a desktop and a laptop belonged to the city and before any programs/apps could be placed on them they had to be approved by the IT department and work related. The IT department would be the ones to install them, programs/apps.

If you own your work computer then, yes, you should be able to do whatever you want to on it. The program should work. If you don’t own it then you may want to talk to whoever is in charge where you work and find out what the problem is and if you can upload and download.