Sync two WD My Clouds

I have two My clouds. A EX4100 at my primary work site and a PR2100 at our secondary site. We have a full VPN between both sites. I can create backup jobs on my EX4100 and it will backup to the PR2100 directly. The problem is that it currently creates a new subdirectory at the destination site, with a name like “WNAG2825xxxx_BlackNAS”. (I have masked the full name.) Then, it creates a new subdirectory under that directory with the name of the directory on the EX4100 that is being backed up.
What we want is for the PR2100 to sync all the files in the EX4100 share to the PR2100 in an identical share (previously created.)
Is this possible with the per-installed software? Is there some add-on software that will do it? Is there any control file I can modify using SSH to make it put the data in the correct remote share? Is it going to require that I go in and manually create rsync scripts?
Thanks, Tony T.

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