"Sync to my cloud" not appear when right click (Mac OS 10.14)

I’ve installed the WD Discovery software on my Macbook (Mac OS ver 10.14)
However when I right-click on any folder “Sync to my cloud” context doesn’t appear.
Please help me solve it. Thank you!

What is the path to the folders you are trying to sync? Only specific paths are supported. See the knowledge base article below.

Mac Supported Desktop Sync Locations

The My Cloud Home Desktop Sync supports the following directories and folders and locations on a Mac computer.

The Desktop and folders inside of Users<USER_NAME>\Desktop
Documents and folders inside of Users<USER_NAME>\Documents
Downloads and folders inside of Users<USER_NAME>\Downloads
Music and folders inside of Users<USER_NAME>\Music
Movies and folders inside of Users<USER_NAME>\Movies
Pictures and folders inside of Users<USER_NAME>\Pictures