Sync stops on second connected machine


I’ve uploaded all files from WD Sync folder on PC (Win10) to My Cloud. This PC is connected with cable to same router where MyCloud is connected. Firmware has been updated.

I’ve connected second machine, a notebook running Win7 to the same My Cloud device and installed WD Sync. This notebook is connected wia WI-FI.

But file transfer is stopped at the very begining and note says WD Sync folder is up to date.

I can’t detect the problem…



Are there any files on the My Cloud folder for the laptop?

Make sure that you are selecting the correct folders to be synchronize

Hi, tnx for reply.

Now it seems ok, I’ve made login on laptop with second username e-mail and syncing was complete.

But now I have other problem, Public share folder automatically uploads files from WD Sync folder from both machines!? It adds the username to added folders.