Sync program offered by wd to sync between drives

I have 4 WD drives and syncing them is sometimes a pain. Especially since i am updating my 2.0 wd my book to a 4 gb wd mybook. the transfer process is slow. i do like the idea of a back up but the wd smartware only lets you do just that. i think it would be a great idea to have a process start up that scans your drive for changes and then asks you if you want to make the changes on the other drives. it will take about a day in order to transfer all of my data over to the other hard drive. there is no program from wd to do this. so i am using sync back to do what i believe wd should have a program to do. it can be like sync back or any other sync program to where it can mirror or just keep all copies or whatever other options there are. this should be able to be done when the computer is on but you should also be able to shut down your computer and then when it turns back on it starts off where it left off of course possibly after checking for changes. because i do not keep my computer on all of the time. because it is a waste of money and waste of electricity. so having to have my computer on for over a day without me actually being on it is to me a waste. so wd can you make a program that will let you sync specific folders with the specific drive that will let me shut off my computer and then when i turn it on or start that program it starts off where i left. you could also maybe add a possible auto shut down upon completion button. thank you. please consider this stephen

i think that there should be a shut down upon completion option as well. or stand by or whatever options there could be.