Sync Pictures from WD My Cloud to the iPhone

Hi folks,

I would like to sync pictures via iTunes from my WD My Cloud Ex 2 to my iPhone, but it doesn’t work anymore.
It worked so long time, but now iTunes freezes every time.
I already deleted the whole iPhone and iTunes and made everything new, but not getting better.

What settings do I need to take? I think any network-settings may be wrong.

Can anybody please help?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Smee,

You can only backup a Camera Role of your iPhone to My Cloud EX2 using Auto Backup feature in My Cloud Mobile App.

Thanks for your reply. But I meant the other direction.
Not iPhone -> NAS
I need NAS -> iPhone

Hi Smee

iPhone storage may not have sufficient storage to backup NAS system for larger backups. But External USB drives can be used to proceed to NAS -> USB backup.


iPhone storage is not the problem, there is enough free.
If I copy the pictures to a normal HDD-drive the sync is going well.
But if I try it from the NAS, the sync will not complete.

The problem must be at the NAS or Network.

I think the problem, is that pictures from a NAS – or even a plain vanilla hard drive cannot be copied to an iPhone. The phone does not work that way. I transfer pictures to phone by sending the photo via email, save photo of email on iPhone. You might be able to copy photos to the back up of iPhone in iTunes on your computer, but never tried that since I do not back up phone on iTunes anymore.