Sync of files from USB connection

Continuing the discussion from Newbie Questions USB Transfer and Sync Question:Having made the mistake of syncing from a 3 tb external drive I’m now running into a problem I believe may be caused by this inappropriate sync. The files on the external drive have gotten so large (2.75tb) that I only have 60gb left on the sync internal space. So wdtvlive is only making files from folders that fit on the internal drive available. And the external drive I no longer made available. My questions:

is this presumption that this is why wdtvlive is hiding the external drive true?

and, how do you unsync or delete the files from the internal drive. I’ve seen the comment that you have to do it manually but. … how?


Please see page 40 of the user manual for detailed information on how to delete a file from the WDTV Live Hub internal disk

Link to manual:

Thanks see that in the manual. will try.

Now back to the question of why the WD no longer recognizes the drive after at least 5 years of successful use and how do I get it to see it again.