Sync not working after reinstalling WIN10

Reinstalled Windows 10 on one of my two PC’s and now it will not sync to the cloud. My 2nd PC has Windows 10 and it works fine. I have compared all settings in the dashboard and they match. Under setting/General/Cloud I rebuilt the DB and still no sync. Any Idea’s?

Have you adjusted your security settings on the new PC? Firewall rules, anti-virus, etc. all the same between them? Are you able to access the Dashboard from both computers?

Thanks for you suggestions!

Fixed, but another problem. I fix the 2nd PC by uninstalling WD Sync and reinstalling. Did that before and didn’t fix, not sure why it worked this time.

My current problem is my 1st PC which was working is now not working. I am trying to do the same in uninstalling but the program will not uninstall. The screen displays that it is uninstalling but the progress bar only goes about 1/3 across and then the uninstall pop-up screen goes away. tried several times and same result. Any ideas?

I have a WD My cloud 4TB, and I have my personal folders syncronized to My Cloud. I will change the hardware on my PC, and install a fresh copy of windows 10. The internal HD, and my personal folders on my pc will remain the same. The question is: when I reinstall, and start over the WD discovery app, will the sync start over? Or it would continue the sync from where it was? (I have about 1.5 TB of syncronized files). Thanks in advance for any answer of suggestion.