Sync My Passport to My Cloud Device


I have a consultation… I’m a graphic designer and at the moment I use a WD My Cloud to store all my files I basically I don’t save anything to my computer I save all my files directly to the device. Currently, I’ve been traveling quite often and I see myself taking the device with me risking all my files and taking a lot of space in my backpack.

So… The thing is that I want to buy a WD My Passport device, but I’m having trouble choosing one.

I barely use the Mycloud app to access the files, because sometimes graphic design files can be quite large and it can take a while to download and upload to or from the device. I either save them using my Wi-Fi connection or connect directly with an ethernet cable (I use this method when I travel) and I want a portable storage that I can save all my files to and take with me when I travel, but that has an easy way to sync the new files back to my MD My Cloud once I’m back home.

Is there a device that someone could recommend me that could help me in my situation?

The single bay My Cloud units do not “sync” in the traditional sense with a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud USB port. Rather the Safepoint / Backup feature of the My Cloud Dashboard is designed to backup a My Cloud to a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud’s USB port.

The easiest way/method of syncing data from a USB hard drive to the My Cloud is to attach the USB hard drive to your computer and run sync software (WD Sync, Free File Sync, etc.) on the computer and configure the sync software to sync the files on the USB hard drive. The My Cloud User Manual recommends connecting the USB hard drive to the computer to transfer large amounts of data to the My Cloud anyhow.

One could use SSH and Rsync to sync data from a USB drive attached to the USB port of the My Cloud but setting up such a sync procedure would require some knowledge of SSH and issuing the Rsync command. Do a subforum search as using Rsync via SSH has been discussed previously.