Sync issues


Hi All,

I have a local folder on my laptop which is also synced to my 2TB WD MyCloud Home. So far everything was OK i.e. the files were saved locally and also synced to the the cloud.

This morning I’ve noticed that all of the files were deleted from my laptop. This meant that I had to do 9gb restore to get them back from MyCloud.

Has anyone experienced such behavior? I would like to know the reason why the files were deleted.



@atmanolov please send us your WD Discovery Desktop logs.



Please find the logs as an attachment.

I’m afraid that they are of no use as they are from 17 January and the
incident occurred between 19-20 January.



Hello, is there any update on this?


@atmanolov did you submit the logs to WD Tech Support per the KBA? PM me your incident number and I will check



Could you please be more specific exactly which files do you need and advise in a straightforward way how can I send them to you? Could you please provide me with an email address to which I can send the logs as attachments.

Please note that I’ve also noticed that a lot of “sync-conflict” files are created in my synced folders.

  1. Obtain the logs for mac OS
  2. Obtain screenshots of the issue for visual awareness
  3. Open a tech support case and attach the screenshots and the Desktop App logs

Tech Support is not provided via WD Staff on WD Community.
We’re here to assist when possible.


Were you able to resolve this? I am having the exact same problem. The files will disappear from Finder and without any input from me, they will slowly start reappearing . . . . This is a huge problem!




I have sent logs and I have a case number. Now I need answers which have not come yet!

And the question remains: is this a known issue? Apparently yes. How is it being addressed?


I had the same problem. Files been deleted until I unsync the folder.

Only files were deleted, not folders.

I had to copy back all files.

I’m afraid now.

Firmware is 4.4.1-105
WD Discovery 2.1.378
My Cloud
Windows 10.


Bump - is there any update on this?


Please ensure the My Cloud App in WD Discovery has been updated to 1.3.457



Is this issue specifically addressed in version 1.3.457?



That is correct