Sync from my android smartphone via wd 2 go pro

I have a Live book and i use the wd 2 go pro app on my htc wildfire s.

There are files stored on the live book and also stored them at my smartphone. I activate clipping for the files so when i changed them on the live book it will updated on the smartphone. Works great.

But it seems that if i change them on the smartphone there will be no update on the live book. Is that correct?

I´m looking for the opporunity to supplant my dropbox account.

So far that’s how it works, maybe an update will allow to modify the content off the MBL as dictated by our phones so we can kiss dropbox off.

Yep, and we’re not the only ones waiting with baited breath for that update… currently I have to use FTP with a program called FolderSync to do a two-way sync, and I’d MUCH RATHER use WD’s own program for Android.  I have both a Desire HD and a Motorola Xoom, and I really need this two-way sync capability… simply put, the ability to have a constantly-connected 3 TB “SD Card” on my devices is a BIG temptation…

But again (is someone at WDC listening to this?) I’d much rather use a WDC software to connect to a WDC product, than having to use a less secure method to have an extra 3 TB of storage connected to my phone and Xoom.

  • Vince