Sync folder & subfolders across multiple devices

Is there a way to sync multiple devices with my cloud? For example, we have 3 android tablets that we use for taking pictures of our builds, and we use folders and subfolders within the DCIM folder to organize the pictures based on the customer and year of the build. We then use these pictures later on to reference back to when we are working on the next years’ build. Right now, all I can get to work is the auto backup of pictures onto mycloud, but without the folders and subfolders. Is there a way to configure the mycloud android app or another 3rd party app to sync all 3 tablets and the my cloud with corresponding folders and subfolders, kind of like how WD sync works for desktops?


There is no official app that can do this however, you can try to get a 3rd party app that could do this, let’s see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.