Sync error

Hey there,

I just purchased my cloud 4tb edition and have sucessfully set it up.

The initital process was smooth and also set up the WD sync (latest version) and added one large folder from my local system to sync with the drive. Once receiving the notification that the sync is complete, I added another folder to sync and since then the folder is not able to sync smoothly with the drive! At time it works and at many a times I see a notification that reads, unable to sync the file!

Have tried all means of setting up static IP, enabling upnp and also reinstalling wd sync! No luck!

How do I overcome this problem and establish smooth sync.

Attached notification error.

Thanks in advance.


I recommend you contact WD support directly for assistance with this.

Hi there! Did you solve somehow this issue? It seems that I have same problem :-(. WD support is unfortunatley not able to help.