Sync/back-up 3 different locations


Is it possible to create a connection between 3 different Myclouds at 3 different locations?
as such that i take 3, 3TB clouds reserve 1TB on each device for each device so that i have a back-up and local acces on each location?

I know that this is possible between 2 Cloud devices however i need to connect 3 diffrent locations.


Not officially possible with the single bay My Cloud units. Generally the single bay My Cloud units only allow for backup on the local network. If you created a VPN connection separately to the other networks then it may be possible for a My Cloud to backup to another remote My Cloud through the VPN link.

The more expensive My Cloud units (My Cloud Mirror and above) may support remote backup connections.

Currently the single bay My Cloud devices do not officially have the capability to reserve/set aside storage space or to configure quotas.