Sync and Get Info


Just picked up the WDTV Live Hub and was looking for a little guidance. I copied the movies over to the hub into the movie folder. All were mkv files. I used the get movie info for each individual file because I couldn’t get it to do bulk. Is there a way to do this? Also, I shared a folder on my pc and thought that perhaps this would be a  good way to sync the movies without intervention by me. It found the share okay, but when I turned the unit off (stand by mode) after an hour still hadn’t synced the one movie I had in the share folder. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. So far this unit is a great upgrade over the live having the artwork and meta data.


I have the same questions re: bulk info-getting. Having to do each movie manually is a pain.

Also, can Get Info be used for TV shows?

No, you can’t Get Info for more than one movie at a time.  And no, the Get Info doesn’t work for TV shows.

However, there are a few tools that you can use to get the metadata.

Thumbgen, will get both Movie and TV show info and apply the coverart.  However, it is not completely compatible with the HUB just yet, so it will not apply the backdrops and you have to modify the year for the HUB to see it.  But the next version of Thumbgen (which should be released fairly soon) will apply the backdrops and the year will be fixed and you can batch get all the info.

Also, one the users here (TonyPH12345) has also created a tool to get TV info and you can get it HERE.

Thanks for the quick reply. I will try the program.