Sync a new PC

Hello everybody, I’ve just purchased a new PC and I need to sync my Home Duo to a new folder on this PC, without deleting the old folder on (or move the entire content from) the old PC (in other words, sync two PCs to the same Home Duo drive).
But I’m not able to do that! The solution should allow me to add a new file on the old PC and see that file on the new one (and viceversa), without installing third party software (i.e. FreeFileSync). Is it possible?
Thank you


Please refer to the following KBA article: My Cloud Home Desktop Sync Setup and Configuration

Sorry @Logan.S, but the link you posted does not contain any solution to my question.
I need to copy to my new PC the content of the existent WD folder. In the link you posted, there are instructions on how to create a new folder synced to the WD, not to connect the already existant content…

If I do the same with the Google Drive account, my new folder is synced with the old PC with no effort. I have to do the same with WD.

Is this possible or not? Why is it so complicated do the same with WD?