Swithed on my book live after few year : can't see in network

i am connecting my WD My Book Live using ethernet cable to home router. From my macbook i am seeing it is listed as a “NAS” but selecting it is not connecting. it throws an error "the server does not exists or it is not available at this time … " Any ideas on how to solve the problem ? I have switched on the device after few years!!

I also do not see any LED glowing. when i power on it start with RED and YELLOW then after some time i see green but blinking then no light at all… Ethernet is blinking and Macbook’s finder is able to see my macbook - but can’t open… Any ideas

Hi ganwd,

You should try to check after the pin reset of My Book Live device. Pressing the reset button while the device is powered on resets the password to the default value of {none/blank} and to default IP settings DHCP. And a pin reset is not data destructive, does not delete or erase files.