Switching to different network

I just bought a My Book Live and will soon configure it on my network in city A where I work.
Later on I am going to take it to city B where I live, and place it permanently as my NAS.
a. Will I have to reconfigure it since it will be running on a different network? Or should I wait till I get home in B and set it up there?
b. What steps should I take to pair MBL with my TV Live Hub already running at home in city B?

(*note: cities A and B are in two different country, so it’s not a daily or weekly commute.)

If City B has a different workgroup name than City A, you will need to change it, it goes the same if you are using a static IP on a different IP range. The WDTV cannot access the my book live remotely, locally they must be connected to the same router. You can check page 76 of the manual for more info.


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