Switching from Mediabrowser+Metabrowser to WDTV Live Hub and pretty much lost


I’ve been using MediaBrowser (with MetaBrowser for the XML) for ages.

Go many series, using “Series Name\Season 01\Series Name 1x01 - Episode Name.avi” for naming of series.
As is standard with metabrowser/metabrowser, metadata is in a “metadata” subfolder with XML files and epidose thumbs.

The WDTV doesn’t see any of this.

I’ve tried the WDTVHubGen, but it won’t recognize my episode naming. A a test, I renamed an episode using “S01E01” numbering, and it finds that, but (1) i’d rather not have to rename everything I got, and (2) it doens’t seem to find episode thumbs, as it uses the season thumb instead, and (3) then it renames the episode number to “[1X1]”, which is eaven weirder (why would “[1X1]” work, and “1X01” not ?"

Isn’t there any tool to “convert” mediabrowser/metabrowser XML data to something the wdtv live hub understands ?

Also, whatever naming scheme I use, the wdtv live hub never finds any metadata or info using its built-in fetching feature.
Does that thing even work with series ?
If so, which naming conventions does it understand ?

Can’t find any naming convention tips in the doc or around here…


Try this quick solution instead of using the numerical number zero replace with the alphabetical letter o.

try posting in v1-0-7-released-WDTVHubGen

NoSlack913 is taking bug requests and working through all them. He is the designer of the app and the best person to talk to about feature enhancements, bugs and limitations.


thx for the answers, but going back to the essential questions:

(a) is there any way to “convert” metadata used by MetaBrowser / Media Browser into something the WDC Live Hub understands ?

(b) why can’t I “fetch” any data for any series episode on the WDC Live Hub ? It doesn’t recognize anything.

Not sure about your first question, but probably not, I don’t believe that there is anything out there that will convert metadata from one form to another.  Besides, the data has to be configured specifically for the HUB for the HUB to read it.

As for the second question. NO, the HUB as of now, will not fetch TV series info, it doesn’t have the api to do so.  Although, this has been addressed in the Idea forum section, and has been acknowledged by WD as being something they will look into.  So it may come in some future firmware release.

The only thing that you can do for now, is either use the app mentioned above, TonyPH1234’s “Tool for Scraping TV Info” which is in the sticky or Thumbgen.