Switching Between Two Speaker Options Using SmartAudio

At present I get audio in two ways from my PC: 1) PC internal speakers or 2) PC jack to which I either plug in speakers or ear phones. I thought that I could switch back and forth between these two options using Smartaudio, but I cannot determine how to do so.
At present the best I can do is set Smartaudio Audio Director to the Multistream mode. In that mode I only get sound out of the PC jack. To get sound out of the internal PC speakers I have to unplug from the jack. Why can’t I use Smartaudio to switch between the two audio output options? Is there something in my Windows 7 system that I should be using instead?

Curious – what WD product are you talking about?

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I was about to post that.

This thread will be moved to the “off-topic” section until a clarification is provided.

Well, for some reason I thought the software I was addressing was a Western Digital product. But upon going to the WD site, I don’t see any recognition of “SmartAudio.” So I must be in the wrong community here and I will try to delete my query. Sorry! (This is my first time using a community discussion system, so please bear with me.)

Please disregard this comment/question. SmartAudio is not a Western Digital product and I should not have posted my query here.