Switch off hard drives automatically

I have 3 external WD hard drives running in the background as a backup etc. After switching off my computer they are still active. Is there a way to make them switch off automatically with the computer?


Wow, 3 external drives!

I gather you are using a hub to connect the drives. Not recommended, but if it works … You need to use Sleep to turn off the drives. This permits turning them off whenever not active. I don’t use it myself, but it should do what you need.

Open WD Discovery and under “Apps” select WD Drive Utilities Open. I’m not sure if this will show all of the drives. If yes, then select each in turn… Select Settings. You will see Sleep Timer. I suggest you also click Help at the bottom for instructions.


Thanks for your answer.

I found the sleep timer set to 30 min. This can be changed. If the leds blinking does it means the drive is sleeping or is it still active?

I also have 8TB Element drive. Those one are not recognized by WD software so can’t use the sleep timer here. I think. Is it possible?


Check the Help or Knowledge Base about the blinking. Someplace in there it fully describes the blinking. I more or less ignore it.

No experience on the Element dries. Again check Knowledge Base.