Switch MyCloud HDD to MyCloud EX2 possible?

Hello Community,

I’m using a single bay My Cloud with WD Red 4 TB HDD for some years now and the free space is getting low. So I just got myself a MyCloud EX2 empty case and another WD Red 4 TB.

What I want to do is to power down my old MyCloud, detach the HDD, reatach the HDD to Slot 1 in the new EX2, attach the second new HDD to slot 2 and power up the new EX2 on the same ethernet port.

Will this work?

I suspect that parts of the firmware or settings are stored on the HDD and I’m not sure if the devices are compatible with each other that it’s that easy. The last thing I want to do, is to lose my data or the access to it.

Since my question concerns both devices, I am not sure which forum is the best. Be patient with me.

Greeting from Germany!

May want to ask in the dedicated EX2 series subforum if you haven’t done so already.


It should be noted that the multi bay units are a completely different device due to the use of RAID and other features/options. Also it should be noted the first gen single bay My Cloud units (firmware 4.x) is different than that used by those My Cloud units that use v2.x firmware. One cannot “upgrade” a v4.x firmware single bay My Cloud to v2.x firmware.

Hi Bennor and thanks for your reply.
My Single-Bay MyCloud is runnig FW 2.31.183.
So it should be possible?

Best to ask in the dedicated EX2 subforum where those more knowledgeable with that device may be able to answer.

I would hazard a guess that it won’t work simply because the two devices, even though they use the V2.x firmware, use different versions of that firmware line. Each version may have different code specific to the My Cloud model they are installed on.

WD My Cloud single bay: 2.31.193 (08/06/2019)
WDMy Cloud EX2 series: 2.12.127 (01/08/2019)

Hi @Bennor

Nobody answered in the EX2 forums, so I just wantet to let you know how my solution was.
I startet the new EX2 with my new WD Red, setup everything and then switched my old MyCloud HDD to Slot 2 in the new EX2 device. Also I setup the old MyCloud IP to the new EX2 and moved all files via ssh from Disk 2 to Disk 1. The final result was no interrupt with my other network devices and all files are safe again.

I happen to own an EX2, and I repurposed a drive I harvested out of my Gen2 single bay unit in an empty EX2 enclosure I got off ebay, after I replaced that drive with an SSD in said gen2 single bay unit.

When I put the drive in, the EX2 DID recognize that it had been set up, but it was NOT happy with the configuration.

What I would suggest you do, is find some other device to “Life-boat” your data on, then set up your EX2 enclosure with your second disk, then copy your data back on.

I would NOT suggest you risk your data trying to add another JBOD disk to a volume that was not set up to do that.