Swapping to a larger drive

Hi ! I just purchased a 8 tb ext drive copied everything over from My Cloud 4tb to it then I removed the 4 tb drive out of My cloud and installed the 8tb drive now all I get is a red light :frowning: What did I do wrong ?

Any Guru’s on today ?

What type of drive are you talking about? Since you posted under My Cloud Home I take it that is what you bought, 8TB?

I have a 4tb My Cloud and yes bought a 8 tb which I put it in now I have a red light

Am I in the wrong section ?

You may want to look at this topic/discussion.

What steps did you take in replacing the drive?

Do you know if you have a 1st or 2nd generation My Cloud?

Just read your link…Do you mean to tell me the OS is on the drive ?

Its a first gen WDBCTL0040HWT-00