Swapping boards WD400VE to WD800BEVE, CRC errors

Hi everyone,

In trying to recover data I’ve assumed that these drives are almost the same apart from capacity and have swapped the board from the 40GB drive onto the 80GB drive.

It does spin up now which it didn’t before but all I’m getting are read errors and Windows reporting CRC fail and asking then failing to initialise.

Is this because the boards aren’t compatible or has the drive really had it?

I’m trying to decide if it’s worth tracking down another WD800BEVE to swap, or tell the owner it’s time to give up or go to a clean room.



I have never tried this since it is not supported. I also don’t recommend this for data recovery purposes since it may damage the drive even more and may cause the data to become irrecoverable. I will always recommend that you contact a data recovery company if you wish to recover your data.

Thanks Hamlet. I’ve swapped them back and now for some reason the drive is spinning so I’ll try recovery software first.