Swapping a smaller drive out of an WD Elements 1.5 TB enclosure?

Hello, I have a question. I have an old WD Elements 1.5 TB external drive that i dropped and is now completely dead and past the warranty. I was wondering if i could use the enclosure to house a 250 gb internal drive that i have lying around so i can use it as an external drive. My main concern is possibly frying the drive. Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks!

You may not fry the drive since all internal drives have similar power requirements.  The only drawback is that the Elements enclosure is not user serviceable, and also since the drive dropped the enclosure itself may have suffer damages,

ah yes power requirements. and they are very similar. maybe ill try this out later. thnks for the reply!  


Worked! been runnin for hours and no problems.

yep, it either works or it don’t. And here it sounds like it is working just fine. Just be sure the temperature of the older drive doesn’t get hot while stuffed in a box. You’ll know if the disk fails from overheating.