Swap out drives for Seagate 6TB Ironwolf

Can I swap out the drives in my G-Raid Studio for Seagate 6TB Iron Wolf or a WD equivalent? If so, what steps need to be followed to have the chassis recognize the drives and then format them for use?

Also, what is the maximum size drive that can be used?



We have never tested Seagate drives in the enclosure as they are not our drives and we make our own. They technically should work but not tested. All you need to do is swap the drives to the tray there is nothing else special required. If the G-RAID Studio software detects the device and allows creating a RAID then you are good to go.

Hi Rydia:

Understood about Seagate. What drives do you recommend?

What is the maximum size I can use? I would like to run a Raid 1 set that is at least 8GB+.



There should be no capacity limitations. The last limitation was 2TB and that was surpassed many years ago. We would obviously recommend our HGST Ultrastar drives or WD Golds.


Have a nice thanksgiving.