SWAP Drives on 2 separate MBLD

I intend to buy 2 MBLDs

1 for Home (2 Drives of 4 TB each)

1 for Office (2 Drives of 4 TB each)

Can I in order to have updated files and backups at both locations (Mirror Copies):

Swap Drive A from Home MBLD to Office MBLD? Will it lead to all 4 drives having similar data? Kindly confirm, pardon if it sounds too silly a question. Thanks

The MBLD wont allow you to use the HDD from another MBLD without formatting it first. What you can do is use the safepoint option to backup all of the information from one MBLD to the other, but this can only be done locally on the same network. You can also access the MBLD remotely creating your WD2GO.com account and copy the files manually.


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