Swap Disks vom EX2100 (2x 6TB) to an empty EX2100 enclosure


my EX2100 fan is defect. I am running 2x 6TB in Raid 1.

I will get an empty EX2100 enclosure on RMA (beause of Fan issues)
In parallel I bought an empty EX2100 enclosure.

Can I shut down my device, plug the disks out,
put the disks into the new Enclosure??
Will it boot and run?
(or will it kill my data?)

Thx for your assistance

Hello Wirewalker,

While replacing the drives from Old enclosure to the new one, Please make sure you put the
“DRIVE 1” in the Bay 1 of new enclosure and “DRIVE 2” in the Bay 2.

You can refer to the following link to know more about RAID roaming:

Hi Logan, many Thanks force your reply.
Should I power on the empty enclosure before and make some settings (Ip Address …)
What will happen to my Users and Shares.
will the new drive have the same name as the old one.
In the article mentioned is written11. A system only restore may be needed if the drive does not operate properly after the process is completed.
What is done by this?
thx again in advance.Wirewalker
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I think in order to give the system an IP Address and the like, some drives need to be installed. The configuration is written to some of the space on the drives so if no drives are installed I think it will fail to boot.

This configuration is stored on the drives, so if you are moving drives between two units that are the same model, it should be able to read this configuration and enable the shares, etc.

Should have the same names.

I’ve not had to do one of these, but have heard of some people that do. I think this type of restore basically reinstalls the OS that is saved on the NAS drives and leaves the user data partitions untouched. Like any of these processes, if you can do a backup first, it is best, but not always practical.