[Survey] Twonky media server: Where do you store your media?

Having fought for a long time to get Twonky to work reliably, I thought I’d had a revelation the other day, after I posted a  Twonky FAQ thread.

I thought that the ‘Shared Media’ folders that appear in the Public share (they’re created by Twonky) were for Twonky’s use only. Certainly, if I put my media in them, Twonky gets very confused, ignoring my share settings, finding two copies of all my media during scanning, then discarding the duplicates, but also missing some files it should find, or ending up with none at all. And taking about three times as long to do the scan. And I’m not alone…

If I put my media in Public/Music, Public/Pictures & Public/Video, and leave the ‘Public/Shared Media’ folders alone, Twonky is happy, and its scan file counts rise monotonically, and scans are complete.

Then someone posts a thread like this:


saying they store music in ‘Public/Shared Music’, and I begin to doubt my sanity…

So, I’d be interested to hear from any Twonky users, where they put their media, and if they have any media scanning or other problems.


I don’t use the public share for anything, wish I could delete/disable it from the UI

I have a seperate share for music, pictures & videos

the scan completes most the time but not always. I don’t us DLNA a lot either as twonky & dish hopper don’t seem to like each other. the mycloud seems to stream fine to windows media player and my 1 TV that has DLNA.

Far from a DLNA/twonky expert but I don’t have a lot of faith in DLNA as a whole and twonky in paticular at this point. I am expermenting with Raspberry Pi media server and it dosn’t seem to like the twonky DLNA either but it wil stream from a SMB or NFS share

Like you I had massive problems trying to use the default “shared folders”.

When your a noob this seems the logical place to put your media !! How wrong can you be??

Anyway like you I have now created my own folders within Public - Music, Pictures & Video.

I still can’t get my head around how inept the software is. I always do the firmware updates, and it’s a “sharp irritation in the left buttock” sorting out all the twonky settings etc, back to the way they were.

How can anyone write software that destroys peoples settings, yet advertise it for “novices” ?

Like you I had massive problems trying to use the default “shared folders”.

It’s all right; coincidentally (or otherwise), ‘support’ emailed me today to say they couldn’t reproduce the problem*.  We’re obviously imagining things…  I’ve replied to them pointing them to my FAQ thread, and suggesting they go and speak to PacketVideo to find out how Twonky works, and to resolve the control conflict between Twonky UI and the Dashboard.

Anyway, I had a good read of the entire user manual again last night, to see what it has to say about where to put media.  And it’s adamant that the ‘Shared Media’ folders are where you’re meant to put it:




  1. Double-click the Public folder to display the Shared Music, Shared Pictures, and Shared Videos subfolders. You can now drag and drop files into and from the shared media folders using Windows Explorer.




My italics.  I note that this advice about using the Twonky UI to make changes to the Twonky operation somewhat contradicts the statement here:


Whoa!  There’s a whole load of new stuff describing the Twonky settings that has recently been added to that page!  Maybe moaning does have some effect, after all…

I still don’t think it’s acceptable to provide an advertised feature of the product (the media server), and then not support it.

‘Last Updated 01/24/2015’

Of note:

I note the use of underscores in the folder names; very sensible…

But if you stop and restart media streaming (or do a System Restore, or a firmware upgrade), all your changes will be lost, and it will drop back to the default /Public

Also of note:

cf this problem report:


And some not so helpful advice:

Why not explain to the user what to enter here?  Or do WD not know what to enter here?

Reading that page carefully, it becomes apparent that whoever wrote that ‘guide’ doesn’t really understand Twonky, or doesn’t understand how to write a user guide; they’ve just gone though the UI settings and listed them, or re-phrased the descriptions already provided on the Twonky UI.  For instance, it says I can clear Twonky’s cache.  Yes, I managed to read that control myself.  But why would I want to clear Twonky’s cache?  What is Twonky’s cache, and what effect will clearing it have?

* to be fair to them, they are at least trying to help.  But they want system log files, and I’m not prepared to release data from my system that I don’t understand; the system logs seem very large, and I don’t know what they contain.  Yes, I’m living up to my moniker…  It’s not just paranoia, though; the problem seems so simple and obvious, I really don’t think system logs are necessary, or will help.

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 the system logs seem very large, and I don’t know what they contain

I had a look…

Nearly 500MB of stuff in shares/.wdmc and shares/.wdphoto

Which made the zipped log file about 100MB.

You know what support told me?

“If the zip file with logs is bigger than 5MB, it will not get through to our system”

Why would you write a system log generator that generates logs that support cannot receive…?

cpt_paranoia wrote:


Nearly 500MB of stuff in shares/.wdmc and shares/.wdphoto


Disable those two garbage servicies via SSH.

Default shared folders work great for DLNA.

Have you used the Twonky UI to control the media sharing searches beyond the default setting of looking for all media types in any folder in /Public?  That’s when I’ve found Twonky to have trouble.

It’s interesting that some people have no trouble, and others, like gibbylinks and me do have trouble.  I don’t think I’m asking too much to get it to look only for music in ‘shared music’, only for pictures in ‘shared pictures’, and only for video in ‘shared video’, but even those simple settings seem to be difficult for Twonky.