Surround sound question

My WDTV Live hub and my Sony BDP-S380 disk player are both connected to my Pioneer VSX-1022 amp via HDMI, both with audio set to “pass-thru”. The amp is set to “auto surround” which seems to work fine for the majority of formats, whether a file or on a disk, .mkv, .mp4, .avi, DVD/ Blu-Rays and so on.

I have a few movie files where the audio has been encoded as AAC 5.1

Playing those files on the WDTV Live Hub, the amp shows the type as “AAC” and it decodes them into stereo. If I burn the same file to a DVD-ROM and play it on the Sony, the audio shows on the amp as “PCM” and it’s correctly decoded into 5.1 channels.

Naturally I’d much rather NOT have to burn the files to get the audio working properly :slight_smile:

My limited understanding of the way these things work, is that when set to “pass-thru” the audio stream was sent directly to the amp. Where the hard work of deciding what type of audio, and how many channels, took place.

Am I missing something here or does the WDTV Live Hub not fully support AAC audio?

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

No, I agree with you – it does not.  It decodes AAC 5.1 down to 2 channels.  

“It decodes AAC 5.1 down to 2 channels.”

Seriously? Man, this is what has been bugging me at the back of my mind for a while now.

Heheh…  Iprobably wouldn’t have noticed unless I was looking for it…  I don’t have much AAC 5.1 stuff…