Surround sound problem

Hello all

I have just purchased a WD live TV box and think it is great.

My only issue is that i have purchased an Edifer M1550 surround system as i did not want a blu ray or DVD player.

I connect the wd live box to the TV using HDMI and the speaker system to the TV

The only problem is that the surround sound works good on sky or the TV but not at all when i play the wd box…

As there is no HDMI slot on the Edifer is this possible please? I need a quick answer as  i probably need to send the Edifer system back if not so any help would be greatly appreciated

link of the system i bought below 

Doesn’t look like it.

Looks like it’s just an AMPLIFIER with speakers… no surround decoding capabilities.

That system is designed to be used with a PC and connected via an analog cable(s). There is no analog out on the WDTV Live Hub. Despite is saying digital, the 3.5" mini jack is considered an analog cable. This system is not suitable for a home surround sound system as it is designed for the outputs of a computer. Take it back.