Surface rt

I have an old dell laptop which i had no problem setting up the passport ulta, and i have backed up my files. I now want to access my passport on my microsoft surface rt tablet. so i downloaded the wd app, plugged in my passport, it recognises it but it doesnt show any of my files. what do i do now?


It is possible that the tablet is not providing enough power to spin the drive properly. The drive requires 500mA for USB2.0 and 800mA for USB 3.0. Check the tablet specifications to verify if it provides enough power trough the USB ports.

hi! yes my tablet is usb2.0 and the passport is usb3.0.

does this mean it wont work on my tablet now???

can anybody tell me what to do next? or is there nothing i can do?


The Passport is compatible with USB2.0. but if your tablet is not providing the 500mA it requires to spin then it is not going to be recognized.

talk to microsoft, that’s all you can do.

My Surface tablet can read the Passport. However I cannot unlock the secure section. Any ideas?

The unlocking software may not work on the Surface RT since it doesn’t use a standard x86 operating system. It uses an ARM version of Windows so many programs will not install or run on it.