Surface Pro 4 with OneDrive set as share on EX4

Hey guys, just finished setting up my EX4 and migrating all my data to it, loving it so far however I had a thought yesterday and can’t figure out how to implement it.

Even after copying all my data to the EX4 I still have plenty of space left, while my Surface only has a measly 256GB of storage.

Given that allowing OneDrive to be a folder on the PC would take up more space than the unit has I was hoping I could create a share on the EX4 and set windows to use that as the OneDrive folder.

Is this possible using a mounted drive or would I have to use an iSCSI target (something I’ve never used) to do it?

I know I can set OneDrive as a Network target of it’s own in windows, however it takes forever to actually play any of the files because it has to download them first. Whereas if I can set it to the EX4 it will still be accessed locally and I won’t have to wait for my data.

Any help or ideas appreciated, thanks.


I haven’t try this yet, not sure if this is possible. Let’s see if any of the users on the community can share some information about it.