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Been using WD HDD’s  since the early 90’s and have only had 2 go bad. I’ve still got a 4.3 gig drive that runs like a tank. Recently had to RMA a less than year old drive but had little problems w/ support. Either some folks are not fully understanding the processes or what? I even requested a “new” drive be returned  as a replacement and was very pleased to have thet happen. Just put a short note explaining the issues in the return RMA box and presto.

Never even had to call or go beyond the simple RMA steps clearly outlined. It also helps to make sure to register the product w/ WD at time of purchase. As a system builder  I do all this for my customers before even handing the final build into their possesion. Kudo’s to WD!!!

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I have a couple of WD devices and also haven’t had any problems. :smiley:


Thanks for the Kudos.

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