Supports Enhanced Video Playback

“Supports Enhanced Video Playback (detect frame rate). Setup/Audio/Video Output (Set HDMI and everything else Auto).  This setting will force 8 bit color”

So how does this work then ?

A 720p home movire will auto set the output to 720P ?

What will happen with an old DVD version of a home movie will it upscale  to 1080I or just switch down to  768x576 Pal output ?

It does not change the resolution only the frame rate. The resolution will only change if your TV only supports that frame rate at a certain resolution. 24fps is normally only supported at 1080p so in this instance the resolution will change to 1080p.

In all other instances the resolution will remain at the predetermined default and the frame rate will simply change between 30fps and 25fps. The default resolution is the one agreed by the hub and your TV when booting up.

So a 720p movie can be played back at 720p or 1080p depending on the default agreed. Again a DVD movie will be played back at the default (720p, 1080p etc) but the frame rate will be 25fps for PAL and 30fps for NTSC.