Supported USB Backup Devices / Filesystems, EX2

Hello all,

I’m trying to do a full backup of my EX2. My plan was to attach a USB HDD dock, and backup the whole NAS. No joy.

I have a generic dock that shows up in the backup create job as a jmicnon USB SATA bridge. So the EX2 seems to see it OK. I can select what I wish to backup, but I cannot select a destination. I see the drive, I can create a new folder on the drive, but I cannot select it. The ‘checkmark’ appears, but when I say OK, the destination is blank, with a warning about allowed characters. If I attach the dock to a Windows box, I see the folder I created.

Does the backup drive need a specific filesystem created? EX2 or EX3 for example? I tried it as NTFS.

Am I doing this wrong? Any help appreciated.

Overall this box is working fine, it’s basically used for media storage for XBMC on a HTPC.



Hi there, the file system of the drive should not be an issue it the drive is formatted in NTFS or HFS+. Are you able to see the drive on the dashboard when you connect the USB drive to the unit?