Supported Surround Codecs

So which codecs are supported for surround through HDMI digital? I see that AC3 and DTS are supported through passthrough. Are TRUEHD and DTSMA/HD also supported through passthrough?

I am moving from a PS3 and I have a huge library of MP4 with 5.1 AAC, will those only play in stereo?

So is DIGITAL option ONLY passthrough, or like other players, will it take something like FLAC or AAC and send multi channel PCM through the digital HDMI?

So is FLAC supported other than 2 channels through digital?


Any answer to this? If I am missing where this is answered, a link to the answer would be great.

Thanks in advance.

I have encoded my Blu-ray movies to mkvs with DTSMA and TrueHD, and I can confirm that the WD TV Live downmixes DTSMA to DTS 5.1, while it doesn’t downmix TrueHD at all (it gives me the Unsupported audio message). I have also tried FLAC and the WD TV Live is able to play it.

I can play flac also, but only in stereo. Thanks for the reply, I hope that it will eventually send the full DTSHD and TRUEHD bitstreams through HDMI, and codecs like AAC and FLAC, decode to PCM and send as multichannel out. Does anyone know if that is in “the plan”?

There is an Acknowledged Idea in the Idea Exchange about decoding AAC 5.1 to PCM 5.1 here:

There have been no updates on that one but please give it your vote.

There’s another Idea regarding HD audio support that’s “In Review” here:

Interestingly, that one does address DTS-HD bitstreaming but unfortunately confirms that it’s not possible due to licensing restrictions (WD need to pay to add that feature and they won’t).  Instead, they extract the 5.1 core and downmix to stereo.  I’m not sure why they don’t just output the 5.1 core instead…?

They are apparently looking into TrueHD bitstreaming from MKV but no word on that as yet.

Thank you. Good info.

I can also confirm that TrueHD will not pass through in an .mkv file. I get unsupported format. It does pass TrueHD when I play a m2ts file from a backed-up/ripped blue ray off my network or USB Drive but what good is a 20-35gig folder!  I can get the same exact Video/Audio quality in an .mkv file thats 3.5-5gig 1080P.

I hope they support TrueHD/.mkv. Soon as someone does, Im getting it.