Support USB disk drive list?

I have had an iomega 2TB drive connected to the USB port on the My Cloud. However, performance was poor and I have
been having lots of odd issues. As a lark, I removed the drive and connected it to my Mac.

The drive works just fine on my Mac, and all of my performance and software issues on the My Cloud went away.
This makes me wonder if there is a restriction on the kind of USB drives supported. Is there a supported list anywhere?


It seems that the only truly supported drive is WD My Book, 35MB/s writes and 75MB/s reads through the USB 3.0 port of the cloud. The max speed of the Cloud itself was 40MB/s writes and 80MB/s reads.

Just like everyone else, when I connect a Vantec 8GB USB raid drive configured as raid 0 stripe for performance, I get something like 17MB/s writes and 23MB/s reads (ballpark number as the actual test was done over 2 years ago). The same Vantec drive was connected to a PC gave me a 120MB/s read and write.

If you do a search fo these subforums you’ll see that others have had problems with certain USB hard drives. Ranging from poor speed to the drive not being properly mounted. To make things worse for some of us certain USB hard drives stopped being mounted properly post OS3 firmware updates.

Don’t recall there being an official published list. In my case I have one drive that doesn’t get mounted (a Toshiba 1TUSB 3.0 drive) while several other smaller drives mount properly and can be used.

That explains my issues as well. Thanks for your reply!

My new My Book USB drive arrived and as soon as it was plugged in my performance dropped to almost nothing.
Without the external USB drive I was seeing very good performance, with it attached I am seeing xxkbps, yes that is correct kilobytes a second. This is connected with a gigabit ethernet between my mac and the My Cloud.

There is something very seriously wrong with using an external USB drive.

I have tried rebooting the My Cloud and my computer. No improvement. Not sure what to do next.