Support Two Step Verification


I wish it was possible to add Two-Step Verification for remote access. At the moment, remote access is very insecure.

I have a 8 TB My Cloud (model number wdbctl0080hwt-nesn).


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Idea status: Acknowledge

Stop “acknowledging” and start “implementing”. This has been requested for years… and not even a single information if it will be implemented and rough timeline.

New Cloud devices recently released by WD… my advice to potential buyers: do not trust your data on WD products!!!

I’ve been loyal to the brand for 20 years… but not anymore.

I have disabled remote access, partially because it is insecure.

Synlogy have 2factor, as I use them for
My clients just for this reason. I have a pr4100 pro, but without 2factor I couldn’t sell them in confidence.