Support to Setup EX2 Cloud with Ubiquiti Remote Access Denied

Hi everyone! I am looking to pay someone to help me setup Cloud access with my EX2. I have internet on the EX2 and that works fine, it also works fine on the home wifi, but when I choose Cloud it says ‘failed’ and if I use mobile with wifi off it says "Remote Access Denied - Access To WDMyCloud has been disabled’…….So, I am going to presume that it is to do with Firewall, and/or port forwarding…This is slightly out of my depth, and do not want to get it wrong, so I will gladly pay anyone of you guys via PayPal to help this last part of setup. Well, almost last part, next will be do link my office EX2 Ultra with the home one. I have access to the Ubiquiti settings, and of course the EX2, so just need some guidance thanks.