Support portal completly useless / broken?


I called your phone support. He created an support portal account for me. After i logged in i changed the language of the account to german… Now it´s completly broken… I am unable to fill an RMA nor change any accoutn setting / view history of the account…

Are you kidding me… This whole process already took me 2 hours, hadn´t such a bad experience with other vendors… I just want to send in my defective WD Red drive which failed after 1 year in a stationary cool server room without any spin / up / spin down actions (spin up count is 18) :frowning:

You support has set my country to “-- No County --” and i couldn´t change this while i was still able to access the page… Now i am completly unabel to access the settings page as seen above… Please fix your support portal!

Ok, i now just created a new support portal account with another e-mail adress and was sucesfull in creating an RMA (i had to manually unlock the “continue” button via browser development tools)…

Please note this is a User forum, and if you are experiencing issues with WD’s Support and Warranty Portal then it would be best to contact WD Support for direct assistance.