Support of SFTP and WebDav protocol on passport wireless?

Can anyone help to confirm (as well as the steps and how-to) the passport wireless supporting file transfer over SFTP and WebDav protocol?

Because I have some application can only access files server through SFTP protocol and some are only able to access through  WebDav protocol.

BTW, I am currently planning to buy my self another wireless protable HDD and had been attracted by the faster MIMO support, faster file transfer speed and SD card support of passport wireless, thus I am looking on the protocol supports that fits my needs. (I am currently owning a seagate wireless plus, default I can access using WebDav and with minor tweak, I am able to access using SFTP)

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Hi xstreamCool, welcome to the WD Community. SFTP or WebDav are not supported. You can read more information on FTP access on page 45 of the manual.

However the MPW does support a SSH connection, and if you are brave and know what you are doing you try installing SFTP to it. It is, after all, just a small UNIX system. Search aroound here for some comments regarding usig SSH to modify the MPW.

I haven’t tried though so can’t advise further than that, other than to point out that modifiying the drive in that way will void your warranty.