Support for RAW files in WD Android app?


I purchased the WD MyCloud to be able to store large amounts of photos in CR2 format (Canon raw format).

I had no trouble storing those, and within windows the files shows up just like any other format files. 

Accessing files in my android devices, wowever, is another story. The support for raw files in Native android is poor and WD:s apps WD My Cloud and WD Photos doesn´t help at all. WD MyCloud recognises the files but have no support for thumbnails (try browsing througth 10 000 s of photos without preview…) and WD Photos doesnt recognize the files at all. 

Anyone having the same problem? Any ideas when CR2 support will be available or any idea of a workaround? Tried several UPnP viewers with the same result. 


Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

I have not tried this, but you can post this as a suggestion on our ideas board :

I the suggestion has already been posted you can vote for it, if not you can post it there.

Hope this helps you out.