Support for "opus" audio format?


I am using a WD MyCloud to store my music files and play them with BubbleUpnp via DLNA.

The MyCloud softwares does an excellent job at indexing the files accepting lots of different audio format.

I recently came across “opus” audio files and stored them on my MyCloud.

This format is becoming more and more popular because it has better sound quality than all the other know lossy formats (MP3, AAC…)

However, MyCloud fails to see them and index them. Did i miss something or is this format not supported ? If not, are there any plan to implement it in some future ?

Thank you very much for the WD MyCloud product, I really love it !

Try FLAC (developed by the same people that do Opus)

FLAC is Lossless Compression and is the best in my opinion. Haven’t had any trouble playing/indexing them on the My Cloud with various Apps/OS’s and Software.

Thanks for your reply ! Yes, I agree, I use FLAC too and it’s the best lossless, plus it works perfectly with WD, but it produces huge sizes. opus does not compete as it is a lossy format, but it has smaller sizes. I was comparing opus to other loosy format.

@Laulau Have you looked at the User Manual, Page 80?

Thanks, great doc ! it answers my 1st question (opus is not supported)

but is there any plan to support it ? or is there any way to add it to twonky ?

hard drives are getter more huge in size … so it all balances out :wink:

if you run out of space on your My Cloud just connect a USB Hard drive to it to expand the storage … have read 4TB USB hard drives work fine, maybe even bigger will work ?

FYI the OS3 My Cloud support has ended as of April 15, 2022. There will be no further updates to the firmware or to the OS3 My Cloud mobile apps. If you are hoping to get opus support for OS3 My Clouds you will have to look elsewhere (third party apps/software) for workarounds.

My Cloud OS3 End of Service