Support for My Book Essential Edition

Hi Community
When looking for support for My Book Essential Edition, the support pages say ‘email support only’ which is fine except that the form won’t accept my model number - WD2500I032-001.

I want to power up my drive, but the power cable is not present. I have another PSU whose output is marked as 12V == 2A. The plug fits the HDD, but as the drive does not display its power input, I do not know whether I can use this PSU.

Please can anyone point me to the information that would tell me what power My Book expects.


Hi EchoBeach,

You can use the power adapter of following specification with My Book Essential Edition:


  • 12 volts
  • 2 amps
  • 24 watts
  • 5.5mm outer-diameter
  • 2.5mm inner-diameter
  • Outer Connector (-)
  • Inner Connector (+)

Plug Type: A

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Thanks, Brandon
That matches the PSU that I had located.
Just need to power it up.

All good.
Thanks, again, Brandon.