Support for android 2.3 +?


I’ve recently got a nexus s phone (a pretty popular model) yet the android market tells me that the WD2go app will not install, as my android version is incompatible.  I’m running android  2.3.3.

I tried getting it from the app brain market, but I have the same problem there as well.  I’ve found what appears to be the install file on some dodgy looking sites, but I don’t want to try that!

Does anybody know if this app is supported on other 2.3.3 devices?  I’ve seen other posts on the forum complaining about 2.3.3.

My old phone had 2.2 on it and the app worked fine there.

Help and advice appreciated.


It should work with Android 2.1 and above so Gingerbred is supported.


I agree.  Unfortunatly the app doesn’t! Below is a screenshot from the android market place.  (It says installed because it was installed on my old phone)

Not Compatible