Support DLNA as a renderer?

I just bought a WD TV Live SMP to replace the Sony N200. I like it so far. But I am trying to figure out how to make WD a digital media renderer and so I can play video/photo from my Windows 7 laptop and display it on the TV?

Has anyone tried that? I think it is easier to use a laptop to find the media (video, photo, music, etc.) and WD SMP just renders the streams to the TV…

Windows media player “play to” feature may help you

Is Firmware 1.06.15 a released version? Mine says 1.04.12 and I can’t get new update.

Do I have to do anything on the WD TV Live SMP so that it can accep the “play to” function on Windows Media Player?

vett93 wrote:

Do I have to do anything on the WD TV Live SMP so that it can accep the “play to” function on Windows Media Player?


Nope…  It’s enabled always.

BTW, Version 1.06.15_V is in the guy’s signature.  He’s not recommending it to you…

Thanks for the clarification. However, I cannot use the “play to” function on Windows Media Player to send photo or video to the WD SMP. On the Windows Media Player, I can select “WDTVLive” for the “play to” function. But it does not play on the TV.

I can use WD SMP to find video and photo on my Windows 7 laptop, and then play them. But I want to use the Windows Media Player to find video/photo and play them to the WD SMP.

Is there a configuration on WD SMP that I need to check? Thanks.

I haven’t needed to try pushing files from our Win7 pc to wdtv as all our content is on WD NAS. But Twonky Mobile App on our tablet and HTC’s Connected App on phone will send video/music/photos direct to WDTV. As long as your shares on pc are accessible then similar free apps should work. WDTV is connected via Amp so this is handy for playing music with TV off. Only problem was I had to connect WDTV via optical to amp, as with TV off some kind of HMDI non hanshake meant it wouldn’t pass audio via HDMI with TV off.

Thanks, gmacp. I tried my HTC Evo smartphone and it worked. I could stream video, music, and photo to the HDTV just fine. I use the Skifta software from Qualcomm and it work quite well, even though it is a bit slow.

However, I cannot make Windows 7 media player work. Guess it is a bug on Windows 7. Has anyone made their Windows 7 work with WD TV Live?

Hey vett93 did you ever get this to work?

I think I know what you’re trying to do. I did this with the WD TV Live Plus and it worked great. I bought a WD TV Live and I cannot get Windows 7 media player to stream to WD TV Live. It see the folders and playlist, but when you select a folder (all videos) it says no media available. Keep in mine this worked great with WD TV Live Plus. Also, I use PlugPlayer for my Ipod and it works great also. So, I think it’s a WD TV Live issue with Wndows 7. I have PlayOn and it works with WD TV Live, so do not think it’s a WD TV Live DLNA issue.

Here’s what I’ve done just in case someone would like to try it.


  1. Laptop
  2. Network
  3. WD Harddrive
  4. WD TV Live


  1. Plug WD HD into laptop
  2. Include video folder from WD HD into My Video folder of Windows 7, right click and choose that option
  3. Turn on media streaming option from within Window 7
  4. Make sure Windows 7 Media Streaming option sees my WD TV Live and that it has ‘allowed’ option
  5. On WD TV Live goto Video, choose Media Server, find Media Server by computer name, then select it
  6. You’ll see all the folders and playlist

However, from here is where it stops because when I select “All Videos” WD TV Live says there’s a media.

I did see one thread that talked about the shared folders needs to have write access to the WD HD, so I’ll try that tonight. If any body has any ideas that would be great. Again, keep in mine this worked great with WD TV Live Plus. Both devices are using the latest firmware.