Support 3D Playback?

Does the WD HD Media Players support 3D playback? If not will they in the future?

3D as in Interleaved Framing, like the format BD3D uses, NO.

3D as in Side-by-Side, Yes (as will just about any other player.)

As to if it will support it in the future, no one but WD knows, and they haven’t commented.

I just came out to ask the same question.  Since the new Hub has an HDMI 1.4 port, I was wondering if true 3D support was in the plans for the future.  Any news?

As for the current 3D support, I am able to play side-by-side encoded 3D files and view them as 3D on my set.  As Tony points out, pretty much any media player can do this as the player just thinks it is playing a normal file and the TV does all the work.

It would be nice if the WD TV player would be a little more “3D aware”.  The problem is that when the WD TV brings up any UI (like the fast forward overlay or any menu) when watching side-by-side 3D content, the UI is a mess since you end up with the left half of the UI blended on top of the right half of the UI.

It would be very cool if the WD TV could squeeze it’s UI and draw it twice - once on the left and once on the right.  Or, a simpler solultion might be to just pick a side and draw the UI on only half the screen.  I’m cool if I can only see the UI with one eye - at least I can see it correctly.

Heheh…  All good points, but considering 3D is such an infinitesimally small percentage of media, I doubt we’ll see any of that!  :)

Is HDMI 1.4 needed to play side by side 3D encoded movies?  Can these be played using WD Live Plus on a 3D TV?

No, and yes. :slight_smile:

TonyPh12345 wrote:
No, and yes. :slight_smile:

I like brevity :smiley:

In this case, I do not understand the advantage of HDMI 1.4 on the hub if it does not support interleaved framing BD3D (or, does it?) What do we gain with HDMI 1.4 on the hub?

ok so it supports 3d side-by-side i get, but in what format…3d mkv?

In ANY format that supports a regular video. That’s all SBS is, after all… Just plain old video.

ok thanks for the reply !

Also,i was just reading that the wd live media player only has hdmi 1.3 ,while 1.4 is needed for 3d playback?

And if so , does the hub have a hdmi out ,or does it only output via DLNA?

EDIT: I see the wd tv live for about $100 and the tv live hub for $200,id rather pay the $100 , obviously , but i just wanted to make sure thats the unit u were talking about to play the 3d mkvs thru the hdmi port to my 3d tv.

freddyftbll wrote:


Also,i was just reading that the wd live media player only has hdmi 1.3 ,while 1.4 is needed for 3d playback?

HDMI 1.4 is necessary for standardized 3D implementations.

Many players and display devices have successfully done 3D under HDMI 1.3.

dam, i was sold on it , now ive read 200 posts on numerous sites ,saying there is a problem with wd players and compressed audio files that are in mkv’s.

Has this been resolved?

Yes, it’s been resolved.

wat is side-by-side exactly?

my current setup is:

wd tv live >hdmi 1.4 out > samsung blu-ray 3D player HDMI 1.4 IN + HDMI 1.4 OUT > samsung 3D led 46inch TV

Can i play all 3D files with my wd tv live like this, as the video goes trough a real 3d player first before it goes to the tv?

so actually saying: i play the file with my wd tv live, but let my samsung 3d player handle the 3d part?

I don’t know if your BD player is doing something to the signal or if it’s just passing it through to the TV.  

Either way, if your TV is 3D capable, then it shouldn’t matter.  

If the BD player is just passing the signal through, then put your TV in Side-by-Side 3D mode and it should work.

Side-By-Side means that there’s actually two images in the same video “Frame.”  one image is the left and the other is the right side.   The TV then takes those two images and displays them in 3D mode as a SINGLE image.

thanks for the reply.

yea we also have no idea if it just passes them trough or does something with it.

we found out how to use the SBS settings later on hehe. but still the 3d movie didnt run smooth, but that might be the problem because it was still in ISO format.

thinking of getting the wd tv live hub because it already got 1.4 connectivity so we are hoping for a 3d update in the future. or atleast improve the current support.