Super Slow My Cloud Home Speeds


I ordered a WD 8TB My Cloud Home in February 2021.

Ever since I have got it, file uploads have been really slow! - (See the attached image).

I don’t get why uploading 1GB worth of files will take 2 hours or more!
I have used around 2TB on it so far.

My internet speed okay:

My PC and My Cloud Home is plugged in via Ethernet.

Any ideas on how to improve the speeds as when I’m trying to do a backup of my PC or upload any files, it can take days!


That is about right. The KDDFS private ‘online shareable’ file system is limited to about 2 file copies per second after the initial burst and will take about 4 hours for the 23,937 files you are copying. In order to circumvent the limit, you have to make the file copy appear to be 1 file operation to the WD Discovery (KDDFS) and thereby allowing speeds of 100x faster.