Suitable BluRay Burner


I have some Blu Ray movies (on disc) that I want to copy over to the Live TV Hub. My PC does not have a Blu Ray reader/burner so I need to buy and instal one.

Any advice on which Blu Ray burner I should buy?

The Plextar PXB940SA has some good reviews.

Thanks in advance


Well, it has good reviews for a reason =)

Plextor makes some very good burners/readers. Here’s a review of one of their burners:

A Blu-ray burner is not all you need to copy a blu-ray to WD TV box, as commercial blu-ray discs are copy-protected, you’ll also need a blu-ray ripper software that help you rip the contents off disc. Here’s a postof how to do that.

Well, unless you are planning to burn BD’s to disc you really don’t need a burner, just a BD player.

One that has a high user rating at Newegg is the Samsung SH-B123L/RSBP, and you can get one cheaper than a burner.